About us

Feith an Cheoil teaches young people about Music and the Arts. We provide weekly sessions/clubs for youngsters to meet and socialise but primarily learn about their heritage and culture of Irish Music, Song and Dance. The aim of Feith an Cheoil is to give our Young people skills and inspiration which leads to greater self confidence and a wider understanding of their ethnicity. Our Young People go on to become active productive citizens in the Community.

Feith an Cheoil hold after-school sessions on Thursdays from 4pm-8pm every week. During School Holidays we also run workshops and events. We invite Role Models to come to Feith an Cheoil to talk to our Young People, sharing their stories and demonstrate their talents to them.

Feith an Cheoil perform at Community Events and Festivals throughout the Year. We measure our standards and progress by taking part in Competitions and entering Graded Music Exams through the University of West London.

Apart from the disciplines and rewards of learning and performing, Feith an Cheoil is a wonderful sociable environment for young people to grow their confidence and self- esteem, share interests, and make friends with like minded other young people. They learn life-long skills which produces a positive outcome for their future.