Performers of the Week

Performers of the Week-26th April 2018

Congratulations Jasmine and Rohan, Performers of the week at music class. Keep up the good work! ???

Performer of the week 19th April 2018

Well done Poppy, this weeks top performer. Keep up the good work ! ⭐️?☘️

Performer of the week- 21st March 2018

Well done Harry, lovely playing at class tonight.

Performers of the week 15th March 2018

Congratulations to our performers of the week -Rohan & Caitlin ?☘️?☘️ keep up the good work ?☘️?☘️

Performer of the week, 8th March 2018

Lovely tunes this week by Performer of the Week, Orla! Congratulations! ?⭐️☘️

Performers of the week 8th February 2018

Well done to Caitlin, Clara and Ella! Performers of the week this week at music class! Lovely tunes – keep up the good work! ?

Performers of the week- 1st February 2018

Well done Freya, Iris and Poppy- performers of the week at music class ⭐️?? Congratulations!

Performers of the week- 28th January 2018

Well done Aine and James. Lovely playing at class tonight. ⭐️??

Performer of the Week 11th January 2018

Well done Ciara- an impressive performance of the tunes that were homework over the Christmas holidays. Knew them all off by heart too!