Performers of the Week

Performers of the Week-26th April 2018

Congratulations Jasmine and Rohan, Performers of the week at music class. Keep up the good work! πŸŽΆπŸ†πŸŒŸ

Performer of the week 19th April 2018

Well done Poppy, this weeks top performer. Keep up the good work ! ⭐️🎢☘️

Performer of the week- 21st March 2018

Well done Harry, lovely playing at class tonight.

Performers of the week 15th March 2018

Congratulations to our performers of the week -Rohan & Caitlin 🎢☘️🎢☘️ keep up the good work 🎢☘️🎢☘️

Performer of the week, 8th March 2018

Lovely tunes this week by Performer of the Week, Orla! Congratulations! 🎢⭐️☘️

Performers of the week 8th February 2018

Well done to Caitlin, Clara and Ella! Performers of the week this week at music class! Lovely tunes – keep up the good work! 🎢

Performers of the week- 1st February 2018

Well done Freya, Iris and Poppy- performers of the week at music class β­οΈπŸŽΆπŸ† Congratulations!

Performers of the week- 28th January 2018

Well done Aine and James. Lovely playing at class tonight. β­οΈπŸ†πŸŽΆ

Performer of the Week 11th January 2018

Well done Ciara- an impressive performance of the tunes that were homework over the Christmas holidays. Knew them all off by heart too!