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School of Traditional Irish Music

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Performers of the Week 15th November 2018

Congratulations Evie, Ava & Rohan, our Performers of the Week at music class tonight. Lovely tunes!🎶

Performers of the week 7th November 2018

Excellent performances tonight at class! Well done Oran, Evlyn and Liam – performers of the week! ☘️⭐️🎶

Performers of the week 1st November 2018

Congratulations to our performers of the week! Well done Niamh, Luke and Roisin. Keep up the good work. ⭐️☘️🎶

Performers of the week 17th October 2018

Well done to our performers of the week, fantastic tunes! Keep up the good work Charlotte, Oran, Sophia, Connor, Jasper and James! ☘️🎶⭐️

Youth Music Session 14th October

A great afternoon of fun and music making. Well done everyone! 🎶

Performers of the week 4th October 2018.

Performers of the week! Congratulations to Roisin, Lucy and Charlie! Lovely playing at class this week – well done! ☘️⭐️🎶

Performer of the week 27th September 2018

Congratulations to performers of the week, Freya, Frankie and Niamh! Fantastic tunes this week! Well done ☘️🎶⭐️

Performers of the week 20th September 2018

Well done to Roisin and Poppy! Wonderful tunes today at class – keep up the good work! ☘️🎶⭐️

Performers of the week- 13th September 2018

Well done to Lily, Frankie, James and Evie all Performers of the Week in their music classes. Keep up the good work! 🎶⭐️🏆